Warmies Heatable Soft Toys


Warmies Heatable Soft Toy - Blue Dragon
Warmies Heatable Soft Toy - Blue Dragon
What’s that? Dragons are big, scary and mean? Not this little guy. This adorable blue dragon is extremely friendly and loves to play and snuggle with children of all ages. Just look at those big, loveable eyes... What’s not to like? His favourite things to do are play all day and fly around the magical kingdom with his other furry friends. However, there’s nothing he likes more than to get warm and snuggly in bed for a good night’s sleep. For a fluffy, clumsy dragon, Warmies® Blue Dragon takes pride in being great at taking care of everyone in the family. He can keep little hands warm on a chilly winter night, and soothe the aches and pains after a long, hard day. Perfect for girls and boys, this soft blue dragon is the perfect gift and ideal choice for a new best friend. All he needs is 90 seconds in the microwave and he’ll be ready to lull your little ones to sleep and give them fairy-tale dreams. Quick facts: Simple to use - just warm in a microwave. Can...
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